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Pandemic, economic freefall, isolation and quarantine:

We’re living in a state of shock.

Governments around the world have leapt into action, responding with a torrent of public spending and intervention.

If done right, this could change everything. Before this crisis, climate breakdown and inequality were already emergencies. Just weeks ago, governments were embracing scarcity thinking. But that’s all behind us now.

Organizations around the world are fighting for 5 principles of a just recovery, the pillars of a People’s Bailout. The Leap enthusiastically supports and endorses this effort.

We’ve launched our own People’s Bailout project — working with movement partners and allies — to push for urgent, specific demands that begin with the current emergency, while planting the seeds for future, transformative change.

If you haven’t already, you can endorse as an organization here.  You’ll receive a link to a partner toolkit to help with amplification, and your organization will be added to the endorsements on this page. You’ll also be among the first to hear when we release new content related to the People’s Bailout, including videos, webinars and more.

The Leap is an enthusiastic signatory to, and supporter of, the U.S. People’s Bailout project and the 350.org Just Recovery Principles. This project builds off and complements the Principles laid out in each of those efforts, and we hope the specific demands we’re focusing on on this site help bring our allies’ high-level Principles to life.

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The Leap is fighting for a People's Bailout. We're working with partners to advance urgent demands around Housing, Health Care, Work and more.

naomi klein

co-founder, the leap

"Moments of shock are volatile.
We either lose ground, get fleeced by elites, and pay the price for decades, or we win progressive victories that seemed impossible just a few weeks earlier. This is no time to lose our nerve." - Naomi Klein