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The Leap Manifesto: One Year Later

Dear friends,

We’ve just celebrated the first anniversary of the Leap Manifesto—and what a year it has been. Thank you to all of you who have signed the manifesto, talked to your friends and neighbours, and organized events, debates and actions in your workplaces, communities and in the streets. Let’s keep it going!

30c5eb52-11ae-4ed2-8155-835b5a7106afTo mark the Leap’s anniversary, Naomi Klein gave us a glimpse into her latest thinking on climate and reconciliation. In an op-ed drawn from her lecture The Leap Years: Canada Beyond Extractivism (at right) she argues that Canada’s founding myths are holding us back from climate action — that “first and foremost, this country was built on voraciously devouring wildness.” But there is a future beyond extraction, and that’s where we need to go.

We know we can change the story, moving towards a Canada based on caring for the earth and one another.

We have spent part of the past few months in reflection and deep conversation with partners and are making ambitious plans for the Leap in the year ahead.

We’re strongest when we come together, and you can be sure we want you to be a part of it all. Onwards!

To celebrate, we’ve compiled some of our favourite moments from the past year:


1. Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate George Elliott Clarke closes the inaugural reading of the Manifesto with an impassioned call for climate action and social justice.

2. The Manifesto garners 10,000 signatures within 24 hours of its launch.

3. Artists interpret the Leap’s positive vision for a post-carbon future.


4. An unprecedented coalition of organizations and political and cultural figures unite in support of a justice-based transition away from fossil fuels.

5. An EKOS poll reveals huge support for the Leap Manifesto across Canada.

6. The NDP passes a resolution to discuss the Leap Manifesto in riding associations across the country in the lead-up to their 2018 policy convention.


7. The Leap Manifesto inspires similar initiatives around the world, from Nunavut to Australia to Denmark. At the United Nations climate negotiations in Paris, CNN calls the Leap “a blueprint that could be used across the world.”

8. From Vancouver to Zagreb, hundreds of activists organize scores of events for Leap Day on February 29, 2016.

9. Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall calls “Grim Leapers” a threat to the economy, misrepresenting scientific research showing Canada could move to 100% clean energy by 2050. The Leap and allies return fire in an epic social media battle.

10. The Leap launches Delivering Community Power together with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Friends of Public Services and others — a proposal to turn our post office into the engine of the next green economy.


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