This Weekend, Call on Trudeau to Open Our Borders [VIDEO] 2017-06-07T16:14:27+00:00

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This Weekend, Call on Trudeau to Open Our Borders [VIDEO]

We hope you’ll be hitting the streets with us this weekend for the National Days of Action Against Islamophobia, White Supremacy & Deportations. It’s an opportunity for all of us to show up for communities facing rising racism on both sides of the border.

Let’s unite to challenge the heartless immigration policies the Trudeau government is clinging to in this hour of need for vulnerable communities.

As supporters of The Leap, you know that all of these crises are deeply interconnected. As the manifesto states, “Recognizing Canada’s contributions to military conflicts and climate change — primary drivers of the global refugee crisis — we must welcome refugees and migrants seeking safety and a better life.” 

In that spirit, we offer a video by Jesse Freeston and the Leap team, featuring a thought-provoking clip from Naomi Klein’s Baldwin-LaFontaine lecture, delivered last September in Toronto.

Please share this video and help spread the word that enough is enough. It’s time for our government to act on its rhetoric and open our borders to refugees and asylum seekers.

Also, sign this petition calling on Trudeau to welcome those fleeing violence and deportation under Trump and send a letter to your MP calling on Canada to step up against the hate.

Click, march, organize, repeat! We’ll see you in the streets.

Top photograph by Krystalline Kraus.

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